Volunteer Benefits

So why volunteer with LHHSA?

  • You seek good working conditions – the inside of your well maintained vehicle are your working conditions.
  • You want a sense that you are valued – our MEMBERS love you; drive a senior once; you will not want to stop.
  • You like a challenging task – driving a senior home from their hair appointment in an open convertible….
  • You want a chance to use your special skills – you’re a great driver, patient listener…
  • You seek fellowship and friendship – our drivers are fellows of an elite network of compassionate, emphatic, supportive people. Friends for life.
  • You want a caring and compassionate supervisor – at LHHSA we believe what you give out is what you get back. We want – seek – caring compassionate volunteers for our members – and so we our self –  are caring and compassionate to our volunteers. A full circle philosophy!
  • You want a chance to make decisions about the factors that affect you – you select the ride when it’s most suitable to you. No fixed time that you need to attend every day, every week; drive when it suits you; decline when it doesn’t.
  • You want to be able to be involved in an issue important to you – we will all be seniors one day…