Connecting Seniors to Reduce Isolation

Pan-Edmonton Group Addressing Social Isolation of Seniors (PEGASIS)

PEGASIS is a collaborative of seniors serving agencies in Edmonton working to develop new ways of supporting seniors to reduce social isolation and create a community where seniors feel more valued and respected and where their safety and well-being is actively supported.

By addressing a range of factors that may lead to social isolation, PEGASIS will encourage and promote healthy connections and build networks among seniors, caregivers and communities.

PEGASIS projects include:

Edmonton Mennonite Centre for Newcomers: Provides both English language classes and assistance outside of the classroom to facilitate immigrant seniors’ use of resources and services within the community, increasing their confidence and ability to independently participate in community

Linda Guenther

Edmonton Southside Primary Care Network — Senior’s Centre Without Walls: Provides opportunities for isolated and homebound seniors to socialize, learn new skills and stay connected through a variety of free, interactive telephone-based social and health programming.

Heather Drouin

Greater Edmonton Foundation Seniors Housing: Supports low-resource seniors in navigating and connecting to community programs and services so they can participate in and contribute to their communities.

Shanika Donalds

Sage Seniors Association: Provides person-centred case management, long-term social work support and connections to community resources and services that reduce or eliminate the barriers contributing to and/or resulting from the experience of isolation.

Bernice Sewell

Westend Seniors Activity Centre: Increases awareness of seniors programs, services and support available at seniors centres through a marketing campaign and increases seniors’ participation rates in activities thereby increasing their feelings of connectivity and value.

Janice Monfries

Edmonton Seniors Coordinating Council: Serves as a backbone for the PEGASIS collaborative by engaging community stakeholders and providing coordination and evaluation support to the initiative.

Tim Henderson
PEGASIS Project Manager

Project funded in part by the Government of Canada’s New Horizons for Seniors Program