Please note; below is a compilation of frequently asked questions (FAQ) potential volunteers and members have regarding volunteer driving and Lifestyles Helping Hands Seniors Association (LHHSA). However we at LHHSA understand that this list is not conclusive. So if you have a question for which is an answer is not present below – email us!! lhhsa@telus.net.

Can a non-member call you today and get services started by tomorrow?
What are the qualifications for membership?
What if I know I don’t qualify for membership?
What are your method of payments?
What kind of time commitment is necessary?
I work from 8-5, Monday-Friday and it appears as this is when most volunteer rides are always needed. Is there any other way I can volunteer my time?
Do I need extra insurance to be a volunteer driver?
Does the volunteer driver have to notify/inform their insurance agent that they are acting as a volunteer driver using their own vehicle?
What is a SEF 6A Endorsement?
What is Drive Happiness©?