Board of Directors 2015-2016

Board of Directors 2016                                      LENGTH ON LHHSA BOARD

Renate Sainsbury

President                                                                                           5 Years

Elvis Wong

Vice President                                                                                  1 Year

Bernadette Scott   

Treasurer                                                                                           2 Years                                      

Denise McGowan

Secretary                                                                                           1 Year

Dawning Boston,

Past President                                                                                  4 Years

Lorraine Kucey

Member at Large                                                                              3 Years

Nora Allen

Member at Large                                                                              2 Years

Emmanuel Rubio Barrios                                                          less than one year

Member at Large and Fund Development Chair                                                                                                     

Eric Roque

Member at Large                                                                              less than one year

 Thomas Chan

Member at Large                                                                              less than one year

Dorthe Flauer

Member at Large                                                                              less than one year